Big ALEC Fluid Inventory Control System
Big ALEC Fluid Inventory Control System
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Big ALEC Fluid Inventory Control System

  • EASY TO OPERATE: Two-line alpha-numeric LED display prompts the user with operating instructions.
  • PRODUCT NAME DISPLAY: Keypad can be set up to display any of 24 pre-programmed product descriptions.
  • PASSWORD PROTECTION: Programmable password protection (three levels) prevents unauthorized use.
  • EXTREMELY ACCURATE: Field calibrateable (two different methods) for the highest level of accuracy.
  • CHANGEABLE UNIT OF MEASURE: Can be programmed in the field for Pints, Quarts, Gallons or Liters.
  • USER RE-SETTABLE TOTALIZER: Allows more inventory tracking options for the end user.
  • WALL MOUNTABLE: Keypad and junction box include built-in wall mount bracket for ease of installation.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Small keypad with remote mounted wiring junction box takes up less space and gets wiring out of the way of the user.
  • FULL NUMERIC KEYPAD: Allows direct entry of preset amount. Competitive models have only three buttons to accomplish this task.
Items in Big ALEC Fluid Inventory Control System
Item TIM-2002
Fluid Inventory Control System
Item TIM-2000-1
Add-On Station Kit
Item TIM-2000-2
1/4" Air Solenoid Safety Kit
1/2" Air Solenoid Safety Kit
500' Spool of Two-Conductor Wire
Item TIM-2000-4
Pressure Relief Kit
Pressure Relief Kit
Item TIM-2000-5
Replacement Pulse Meter
Item TIM-2000-7
6' Extension Cable
Item TIM-2000-8
10' Extension Cable
Overlay Kit
Replacement Keypad Package
Item TIM-365-5S
Replacement Pulse Meter
Item TIM-6
Oil Bar Adapter Kit