Waste Oil Drains
Waste Oil Drains
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Waste Oil Drains

  • HEAVY-DUTY: Heavy-duty all-steel tank stands up to the harshest environments.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: 24-gallon capacity allows user to perform more oil changes before having to evacuate the unit.
  • DRAIN PAN: Metal drain bowl has built-in filter screen to prevent foreign matter from entering the drain.
  • EXPANSION FUNNEL: Removable plastic drain bowl expansion funnel with built-in filter screen provides support for draining oil filters.
  • BUILT-IN FLUID GAUGE: Allows operator see the oil level in the waste oil drain.
  • 4-WHEEL DESIGN: Allows easy maneuverability, including on uneven surfaces.
  • DRAIN PLUG: 1" drain plug on the bottom of the unit for easy cleaning.